GBM Casting Artists Gallery

Male Supporting Artists Glasgow Scotland

Martin Pringle Playing Age Hair Colour Eyes Height Shoe Size
Enquire about Artist 60's Medium Brown (Greying) Pale Blue 5' 8" 9.5

Previous Experience

Green screen work in Outlander series 2, Outlander, River City, Rillington Place, Churchill, Trainspotting 2, The Replacement, Muncie (In Plain Sight), Calibre, Trust Me.


Full Driving Licence, including ability to drive 7.5 ton Lorries, with additional trailer if required; And ability to confidentially drive a variety of carís and vanís of any size. Ability to captain small motor water craft, (I co- own of a 20ft speed boat), if required. Proficient at skiing. Variety of life associated skills e.g. Iím a Father, Brother, Uncle. Work skillís, Merchant Navy, Lorry driver, Management (12 years) Ground ops Edinburgh for a Major Airline (B.A), Management Social Care Service (18 years), Advocate (3 years), Supporting Artist / Extra, etc. Current Hobbies: Skiing, sea fishing, hill climbing, walking, the outdoors, film.