GBM Casting Artists Guide

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Generally people have many perceptions of what being a Supporting Artist is all about. Many would like to believe that it is all fame and glamour, and a quick stepping-stone to international stardom. Unfortunately, it is often not like that at all !!!

To be a good 'Extra' or Supporting Artist requires a few qualities & skills, which can often lead to regular, well paid work.
The requirements for being a good extra are as follows....

Reliability - This is one of the main requirements for good extras. This involves taking the responsibility to manage your own time and arrive promptly (or early) at the exact required location. Arriving on time is essential for the production company's shooting schedules, meeting their goals (and you getting booked again !).

On-Set Etiquette - Behaviour of extras on-set is of paramount importance, as it reflects not only on you, but also on your agency and the other extras from your agency.

Accepting the role of an Extra - When hiring Extras, production companies are looking for Extras !! (ie. Do not try and become a new star in the production). One of the main roles of being an Extra is to do exactly what you have been told to do.

Preparation & Flexibility - Be well prepared for a long day, and all kinds of weather. It is not unusual for Extras to be asked to work overtime, which can make a day's filming very long, tiring and cold. Be prepared with suitable off-set clothing (a set of dry clothes can come in handy !). It is also advisable to take along some reading material, as waiting around for long periods often happens.

Being an extra can be very rewarding, interesting and most of all fun !.

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